Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions and our answers. Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? If so, we’d love to hear from you. To reach us by phone, text message or to use our contact form simply click on the Contact link in the navigation. We can also be reached on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook logo at the bottom of every page.

What type of events are your race tracks suited for?

Our RC Soccer Portable Stadium and our RC Racetrack Rental Trailer are appropriate for almost any event. The truck pulls right up to the venue, ready for setup. Portable RC Soccer Stadium only requires an indoor flat surface (15′ x 22′ plus standing room) and access to power for hours of fun!

Parking Policy

Prior to arrival please allocate 65 feet (approximately 4 parking spaces) for the RC trailer to park that is free of fire hydrants and foot traffic. To avoid damage to customer and RC trailer property, we reserve the right to refuse to pull the RC trailer onto customer property. Delays caused by clearing space for the truck and trailer will not prevent us from leaving at the scheduled time.

A permit is only required if we will need to park in a “No Parking” zone. RC trailer is no wider than any utility or landscapers trailer and in most cases parking outside the home at the curb is not an issue. The trailers awnings extend approximately 7ft out. Both  sides do not need to be opened at the same time for operations. There must be space for awning to open up.

If a parking permit is required it will be the responsibility of Customer to arrange for one.

What age group does your race tracks appeal to?

Children as young as 4 with some parental help and racers as old as 101 can play!  We strive to accommodate all abilities, please contact us to see how we can assist people with disabilities.

How many racers can the race tracks accommodate at one time?

The RC Racetrack Rental Trailer can accommodate six players per session. The Portable RC Soccer Stadium accommodates up to eight players per match.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, CJ Raceway is fully insured.

Where can you operate your race tracks?

Event bookings for Portable Soccer Stadium are indoor only. Setup requires a flat 15′ x 22′ space, plus standing room. The RC Racetrack Rental Trailer can be set up in a driveway, parking lot, or other outdoor areas that can provide electricity. In the event of rain the mobile race track trailer has a self-contained awning that provides approximately 6′ of standing room.

Do you charge extra for mileage and will you travel long distances?

Yes, an extra travel surcharge applies outside of a 20 mile radius from West Chicago, IL. We will travel further upon special arrangement and advance contract.

What if it rains or I need to cancel?

Rentals can operate rain or shine! Event bookings for Portable Soccer Stadium are guaranteed — rain or shine! Indoor setup requires a flat, 15′ x 22′ space. Mobile RC Racetrack Trailer has a self-contained awning, in the event of rain. Cancellation is subject to 50% of the full rental agreement fee within one week of the event and 100% of the rental agreement fee within 48 hours of the event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Deposits are accepted through PayPal via this link (calendar link). Balance is due on day of event via cash or PayPal, prior to setup.

What should we expect to pay for an event

Cost depends on the type of event and any additional add-ons

How much race time is included in the package?

Each party is one hour of race time.  Additional race time can be purchased when planning your event.

Will additional goody bags be available for purchase?

Yes, We keep some extra on-hand.

Photo and Video Policy

CJ Raceway reserves the right to take photos and videos at all private events. We also reserve the right to use any photos and videos in any social media and advertisements for CJ Raceway Incorporated. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are agreeing that we can use the pictures and videos of your event.